My biggest dream is to own my own cow. I already have a goat all of my own. I might be tempted to sell it sometimes but I would never go through with it because it feeds my children and brings in money.

Last time I had a good laugh was when I was told you were coming here to take my picture.

We share the cooking in our community, we are 15 women and we take turns preparing meals.

Women have to do most of the work in this village.

When the cattle get sick we spend money on medication immediately but for people we wait. God forbid a baby gets sick at the same time as a cow because we would treat the animal first.

I want my kids to grow up to have good character. For me that's part of being successful.

Life is both easy and hard here. The hardest part is collecting firewood. Every year we have to walk further to find it.

Kassela, Mali
Congola, Mali
Siby, Mali
Farada, Mali
Kassela, Mali
Siby, Mali
Farada, Mali