The place I called home as a child was somewhere filled with love. Somalis were Somalis and there was a sense of community and belonging.

I was born on the journey from Somalia to Kenya. My mother was fleeing Mogadishu when she went into labour. I call this place home because I have never seen Somalia.

If peace were restored in Somalia I would go back. A lion in her own country becomes a cat when she is far from home.

I brought nothing with me when I came to Kenya and I left nothing behind. By the time we fled from our farm in Kismayu in southern Somalia,the militiahad taken all our animals. If life continues like this, there is no hope, just survival.

We have peace here. There are no guns. But as a refugee I am not free.

Hagadera refugee camp, Kenya
Hagadera refugee camp, Kenya
Hagadera refugee camp, Kenya
Kambioos refugee camp, Kenya
Hagadera refugee camp, Kenya
Hagadera refugee camp, Kenya

I don't wish to go back to Somalia. I have had enough problems there.

We came here last year because of the drought and the fighting. So this is home now. The UN says that we must move somewhere else. I don't really understand but the idea of relocating again is very stressful.

Hagadera refugee camp, Kenya