You hear people say they know how to use weapons to solve a problem. But using weapons is old fashioned, now is the time to rebuild this country. We who have lived in other countries know how important it is to live together, all of us Burundians.

I couldn't call myself an artist because as a tailor you never stop learning.

I was born in Tanzania, I grew up there and I married there. We always had enough to eat and we could sleep peacefully at night. But life wasn't good because it wasn’t our country.

When we were still in Tanzania my husband promised to give me land for our kids, but he changed his mind when we got back. I thought my children would end up living on the streets. Thank God the IRC helped me claim land for my youngest at least.

I wish I had gone to school but my father said I didn't need to.

Nyanza-Lac, Burundi
Nyanza-Lac, Burundi
Kabondo, Burundi
Nyanza-Lac, Burundi
Nyanza-Lac, Burundi
Sindh province, Pakistan

When I think about home, I think it should be somewhere solid and sustainable. Somewhere we won't be forced to move from.

When the clouds gather we worry we'll lose our crop of wheat.

Sindh province, Pakistan